Aragonite Green Onyx Heart

Aragonite Green Onyx Heart

SKU: 331

H: 2.25in

L: .5in

W: 2.25in


    • Opens the Heart-Chakra
    • Represents growth, abundance, and material success
    • Repels negativity
    • Encourages happiness and good fourtune
    • Enhances sexuality, sensuality and intimacy
    • Promotes self-confidence and harmony 
    • Elevates brain power
    • Helps release issues from the past as well as attachments in the present
    • Promotes focus and concentration
    • Helps ground spiritual growth into the lower chakras, raising the overall vibration of the body while in meditation
    • Calms, centers, stabilizes and increases the ability to remain patient
    • Enhances sensitivity and generosity
    • Promotes self-control
    • Relieves insomnia when places under pillow

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